Monday, February 15, 2016

Be Her Valentine

     The findings are in:

Involved, active fathers have a profound effect on the development of their children.

     Actually, the findings have been in for quite some time (Father Involvement Research Institute: Effects of Father Involvement.pdf). Studies show that children of involved fathers are:
  • Less likely to end up in jail.
  • Less likely to become pregnant as a teenager.
  • More likely to get good grades.
  • Less likely to be obese.
  • Less likely to live in poverty.
  • More likely to have positive social and emotional skills.
  • Less likely to have behavior issues.
  • More likely to have a higher vocabulary as toddlers.
  • More likely to have higher IQs.
  • Less likely to have emotional/psychological issues.
  • and on and on...
     Don't get me wrong, I firmly believe kids can grow up perfectly well adjusted while being parented by a single mom or lesbian couple. Even if it isn't dad, the involvement of a positive father figure is such a big protective factor.

     Fathers (and father figures): Doing your best is usually enough. 

     Your son will learn how to act. Be his idol. 

     Your daughter learn what to expect from a man. Be her Valentine.