Welcome to A Life in Awe. 

This isn't one of those holier-than-thou parenting sites where I hold my nose high because I feed my kids an organic, all natural, gluten free, nut free, vegan diet (which I don't) or because I wake up uber early to run a marathon every day before work (which I also don't).

There's no such thing as the perfect dad. Most moments are good, some really aren't, and all of them are hard. All we can do is try our best and accept "good enough" as good enough.

This is a blog where you'll find easy recipes that may or may not be healthy (such as awesome dreary day chili), child-rearing ideas grounded in research and practicality (like how a stick is the best toy ever), and tips on traveling with kids (sweetener packets make great toys).

My name is Craig and I'm a family man through and through. I have a beautiful, wonderful wife and two awesome kids. Rounding us out is our crazy, overbearing border collie named Mika. I'm a full time school counselor and part time author who loves craft beer, good food, travel, football, and, above all, my family.

So read on. Enjoy.

Whatever you do, don't forget: from morning hugs to good night kisses, there are moments of awe to be found even on the toughest days.