Thursday, March 3, 2016

Simple Play

I took that picture on the beach of a small Fijian island. The amazing villagers were happy living in their grass huts and small, cinder block homes with tin roofs. They attended their small church every Sunday and had one of the best choirs you'd hear anywhere. On top of it all, they lived in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Living so far away from everything, there were plenty of things they didn't have. Television. Playstation. Tablet computers. Plastic toys of all shapes and sizes.

Wait, what?

If they don't have all that expensive stuff we use to keep our kids busy, then how on earth do they keep theirs from being bored?


They don't view it as their job to entertain their kids and instead let them entertain themselves. This boy is pushing around a curved stick, sort of like a small ski, with a longer stick. Plenty of the younger kids did the same, running up and down the beach, leaving lines that criss-crossed on the sand. Between this improvised toy and playing rugby on the beach, the children of Malakati village learned to occupy themselves just fine.

That's it.

Kids don't need a ton of stuff.

And sometimes simple is best.